The |eGo| Clan founded in 24Oct 2005. Actually we are playing the game
No One Lives Forever 1 ("NOLF"); a very old Ego-Shooter game.
In earlier times we played also CS 1.6, ET and UT2004.

We are a german clan (the leader |eGo|L.Icepick speaks also Dutch), but our general language is in English.
You can contact Icepick via facebook or look into the No One Lives Forever group on Facebook or by writing me an email.

Playing for fun

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - March 2020

Hoi all Nolfers!
Up for a game? We still meet each other at least once a week on nolf for a good fight. The Ego Clan is the last active clan in NOLF! Join the facebook group - or write me an email (see Quick Info on the left) to join the Whatsapp group or Discord group!

|eGo| and others play usually on Saturdays at 09:30pm Germany / 03:30pm New York
Some americans play almost every second or third night
between 02:00am and 04:30am Germany / 09:00pm and 11:30pm New York

Check when the last players were online at

Use these IP-adresses to join our servers:
Nolf Server #1 IP: (Deathmatch) - version: v1.006
Nolf Server #2 IP: (Harm vs Unity) - version v1.006
Nolf Server #3 IP: (Low Life Server) - version v1.006
Nolf Server #4 IP: (Deathmatch) - version v1.004

More and more servers and players are switching over to the new nolf version v1.006! Click on "How play NOLF online" to read more and install v1.006

See all Nolf Servers + Online Players without starting the game on
Missing the in-game server list/ overview just like in the screenshot above? This can be fixed.

How does Nolf Multiplayer looks alike? See here compilation of different maps: