^^since feb 2012, before 2005-2012 we had nearly 40000 visitors

The |eGo| Clan was found in 24Oct 2005 Actually we are playing the game "No One Lives Forever 1" a very old Ego-Shooter game.
In earlier times we played also CS 1.6, ET and UT2004.
We've got also a Server.
We are a german clan (the leader |eGo|L.Icepick speaks also Dutch), but our general language is in English.
You can contact Icepick via Email
A Euro 2012 - European Championship - Break

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - May 2012

Hoi Guys

Because of the EC (or EK in Dutch, or EM in German) there will a short break of all the games. Im sorry for the last match - because of football I forgot it ;) And I want to watch Every game, even if there are two on the same time.
There is only one date free: 20 Juni - and thats my Birthday thats why I wont be available in the evening!


I was for the Netherlands (HUP HOLLAND HUP) and not for Germany, but however; NL lost and it is out so right now my fever is with team germany.

The Matches comes back in JULY!
@Fyrus: I know it is boring for you as an american, but we european people LOVE Soccer. You the american love Baseball and Basketball :D



The Next Match News

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - May 2012

Hoi Guys

After I had some important exams I have more time to take care of Ego :P So this is the next match!

Motto: "KILL WHAT??"
Date: 10.June 2012 (Sunday)
Times: 09:00pm /
          03:00pm Pennsylvania ()
          02:00pm Arkansas ()
          12:00pm California ()

Kubbi ist leider immer noch nicht tot! Bisher war es nicht möglich Kubbi zu töten es muss endlich gelingen Kubbi umzubringen. Die Vewirrung im Spiel muss aufhören, "Kill What?" nein - die order heißt "Töte Kubbi"!
Am 10 Juni ist der Todestag von Kubbi!

Kubbi is nog steeds niet dood! Helaas was het niet mogelijk Kubbi dood te schieten - het moet eindelijk lukken! De verwarring moet worden gestopt, het heet niet "Kill what?" er is de uitdrukkelijke bevel Kubbi dood te maken!
Op 10 Junie wordt Kubbi dood gemaakt!

Kubbi is still not dead! In the past it wasnt possible to kill Kubbi - it is our "passion" to kill him finally! The confusion has to be stopped, the order isn't "Kill What" it is "Kill Kubbi".
On 10th June is the Death Day of Kubbi!



Last Match - The Most Wanted Match

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - March 2012

Hoi Guys

Here are the Results of the The Most Wanted Match:
Naam Serpent Clubdead Guns & Hockeypugs Inc Unity PLAYER KILLS
|eGo|Kubbi 45 39 34 25 45 188
Valerie 42   45 45 40 172
Bebe 35 23 33 29 35 155
Johnny Derpp 28 45 25 13 25 136
Nikoletta 35   40   31 106
|eGo|Ailme 14 0 38 14 39 105
|eGo|Zurvan 23 7 10 11 29 80
Player (ALL) 29   15 6 29 79
|eGo|Icepick 17 19 11   17 64
Playereric 10   7   19 36
Nitring     14   14 28
KVM| switch     9     9
Bragg Pitt   6       6
Timeo       5   5
Haikal       3   3
Max.Players: 11 7 13 9 11  
Total Kills: 278 139 281 151 323  
ALL KILLS:           1172

Sorry that I was late, but there are some Exams ;)
Upcoming match will be published (be prepared for the 1th (friday) or 4th of June (Monday))
Details are upcoming ;)



A small |eGo|-Match ?

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - March 2012

Hoi Guys

Motto: "Most Wanted - |eGo|Zurvan & |eGo|Ailme"
Date: 6.Mai 2012 (Sunday) OR 8 May 2012 (Tuesday)
Times: 08:00pm /
          02:00pm Pennsylvania ()
          01:00pm Arkansas ()
          11:00am California ()

The Most Wanted, click on the Picture to see it bigger!
(With Korting means, With Discount, Mit Rabatt, Zurvan will understand this :) )

Am 6 Mai oder 8 Mai ist das nächste meeting! Bitte schreibt in die Shoutbox am welchen Tag ihr könnt kommen! Beim Letzten Spiel habe ich gesehen das Zurvan und Ailme am gefährlichsten sind. Besonders Ailme kann einen überraschen und brutal töten. Das Ehepaar Mr.Zurvan und Mrs. Ailme müssen gestoppt werden!

/ Op de 6 Mai of 8 Mai is het volgend meeting! Schrijf a.u.b. in de shoutbox op welke dag je kunt komen! Afgelopen speel heb ik gezien dat Zurvan en Ailme heel gevaarlijk zijn! Bijzonders Ailme kan je overrassen en je op brute wijze dood maken! Het echtpaar Mr. Zurvan & Mrs. Ailme moeten worden gestopt!

/On 6 Mai or 8 May is the next meeting. Write in the shoutbox when / if you can come! Last Game I saw that Zurvan and Ailme are very dangerous. Especially Ailme can surprise and kill you on a very brutal way! You have to stop the marriad couple Mr. Zurvan and Mr. Ailme!


Video from the last match "Catch me if you can - Greetings |eGo|Zurvan"
Im sorry for the disturbing from teamspeak. This time with 18 frames on the Video, and ingame 15 :P Much better, but I played it on 640 x 480 :D!

Das nette gespräch zu |eGo|CL.Marci - der vielleicht verwirrte Homo?
(German/Dutch): -link-

Thank you Kubbi for beeing on Teamspeak! It was fun! Maybe you come next time too? (Lang: German / Dutch)


Upcoming Match & Video of the last Match

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - April 2012

Hoi Guys!!!
New Upcoming match
Motto: "Catch Me If you Can - Greetz |eGo|Zurvan"
Date: 19.April 2012 (Thur)
Times: 08:00pm /
          02:00pm Pennsylvania ()
          01:00pm Arkansas ()
          11:00am California ()
Tell me which Date you prefer !

Am 19 April ist das nächste Ego Match. Ihr werdet in der Shoutbox schreiben ob ihr kommen könnt!
Diesesmal werden wir Versuchen |eGo|Zurvan aus Belgien zu finden, als ihr ihn sieht: Totschiessen.
Ich glaube er versteckt sich immer hinter einer Mauer oder Box...deswegen musst du sehr vorsichtig sein, er kann dich jederzeit überraschend Totschiessen.
Er springt plötzlich aus seiner Ecke hervor und BAMM! Bist du tot!

/ Op de 19 April is het volgend Ego Match.  Ga in de shoutbox schrijven of je jij kunt komen!
Deze keer probeeren wij |eGo|Zurvan uit België te krijgen, als je hem ziet: Doodschieten.
Volgens mij gaat hij zich altijd achter zo'n muur of box wegschuilen...dus moet je heel vorzichtig zijn, hij kan je altijd verassend doodschieten!
Hij springt subiet uit zijn schuilhoekje ervoor en BÁM! Ben je dood!

/On 19 April is the next Ego Match. Please tell me if you can come!
This Time we try to catch |eGo|Zurvan, im pretty sure he is all the time busy with hiding behind a wall or box :) Be Prepared for surprisings!

I put also a Video on Youtube from the last match: "Y U NO DIE FASTER EGO MAX??". The Framerate is a shit, but next time I wont play on 1366 x 768 - then it works better!.
(While running the Recording I had ingame 3-8 pictures per second, hard to kill someone!)

Groetjes (<-NL/BE) / Grüße (<DE)