How to play NOLF Online

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - March 2020

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Nolf was released in 2000, one year later came the "Game Of The Year Edition". A lot of things changed since then, and under Windows 10 it got more difficult to play NOLF. Below you find a summary of my google research and several conversations with different members in the community.

Step I) Download the game
Only proceed to download, if you already bought the CD's ones before. We do not support piracy, since it's unclear who the current copyrightholder is, we leave it up to you if you want to download the game. (The copyright issue is the reason why there is no Nolf3, Night Dive Studios tried to get the necessary copyrights in 2015 but failed, read on why). You need "WinRar" to extract the folder, if you don't have it you can google-download it. Password to open the rar files "egonolf", "" or "egoclan".

Download No One Lives Forever (NOLF1) Original English CD's. (Recommended, for Germans on Win 10) Download No One Lives Forever (NOLF1) Original German CD's [Download will be soon back]
Download No One Lives Forever (NOLF1) or NOLF2 or Contract JACK Original English CDs at (Not recommended, you cannot use it to play online!!)

Download the No-CD-Crack
Use this crack/hack to avoid using the CD's. Install: Unzip the file, and move the "Nolf.exe" into your main folder of nolf and overwrite the existing file. If you want to keep the original nolf.exe make a backup. Now you don't to insert/mount the CDs anymore. Note for Germans: If you want to load downloaded maps, you have to replace the original nolf.exe. The German nolf.exe does not have the "Customize" button.

Download the game for Macintosh / Mac OS here:

(Unfortunatly I have no idea about macs, so you're on your own! No player ever reported on me if it works, i asked for a feedback but never got one back)

Step Ib) How to mount/load ISO's (= CD Images) and Install NOLF
On Windows 10, 8, 7 you simply do a right click on the file and click "Mount". If that option is not available you need an extra programm. The program I use to mount .iso is "WinCDEmu", a small programm. It's a 1.5MB big program, you can download it here at
You should be able to install NOLF like any other program/game you would install from CD/DVD.

Step II) Play NOLF Online - New version: v1.006
In order to play online you need to update your nolf to v1.006. Playing Online with v1.006 is easier than with v1.004.
You need to download the latest version v1.006 at the official page: Download at in case the download doesn't work you can also Download from Ego Clan file

How to install:
1) After downloading the file you need to extract the zip file.
2) All the files that appear need to be moved into the nolf main folder
3) You're asked to overwrite a bunch files. If you want to do a backup before you overwrite the files you can do that now. Hit "yes" to continue. Even with overwritten files you can still play on the old version (v1.004) if you skip the next step. If you forgot to do a backup you can download my v1.004 backup and re-replace the files.
4) Mak sure that you moved "modernizer.rez" into the customs folder.
5) Start NOLF, hit "Advanced", then "Customize", and then you should see on the left "Modernizer.rez" - click on add so that it appears on the right side.
6) Make a tik in "Always load those rez files", hit OK, and then OK again.

"HeyJake" is the auther behind the community update v1.006 made an update for nolf (v1.006) which fixes a lot of bugs of NOLF on Win10 & Win7:
- New MasterServer - independancy from QTracker or Windows Hosts file, See all servers in-game !
- Fixed & locked Framerate: 60fps (even with heavy explosions and lots of texts on screen)
- Fixed Blackscreen issue during underwater on Intel HD Graphics (need to be turned on in nolf menu).
- High resolutions are now possible, I tested this up to 3K - I don't have 4K so I can't
- Hosting: 64Bit Speed Issues fixed on GrenadeLauncher, RocketLauncher, holding breath under water, decrease of life when hit by phosphor & others
- Nolf Launch/Startup Bug fixed for various systems, like: small black window appears and disappears and nothing else happens - mostly fixed
....and bunch of other things!

Step III) You want to play NOLF online on the old version v1.004? Click here for more info on how to see and connect servers in-game. Ego still hosts a server on the old v1.004 version