All Good Things Come to an End...

February 2012 by |eGo|Icepick

As I recognized it right now, |eGo| is a Legend and it is still not dead!
Its now 2017, so we are playing since more than 12 years No One Lives Forever. In the year 2011 it seemed that Nolf is dead and we went on a break. But somehow we kept playing, unfortunately not all of us. To those stopped playing belongs this letter...

As you all recognized the Ego Clan is dead. The Elite Gaming Organization will no longer be online in No One Lives Forever 1! The Clan was found in 24 October 2005 and is dead, I think, in the middle of 2011. But now in 2012 February I (the Leader |eGo|L.Icepick) declares it as officially dead. Founding Members are |eGo|Icepick, |eGo|$talk3r, |eGo|stauby, |eGo|>Bion< and |eGo|Schnitzel.

R. I. P.
E G O  C L A N
2 0 0 5   -  2 0 1 1


Maybe you will see a Server  but it will be rarely online.  The rented Gameserver will or is already shut down. I hope that this Internetpage will be online for some months, but yes this simple online page costs also some money. So we’ll see.


I thought I will play this game forever but well…we all grow up… became adults (haha okay not really :P but you know what I mean). I began with study – so there was no more time for the Ego Clan. I'm so sorry – but yes it is true: Study and Life is more important than being all the time online.

I hope some clan will be as successful as we were!


Co-Leaders I want to thank:  |eGo|$talk3r, |eGo|Queen, |eGo|Doodlez (Thanks!), |eGo|Pitbull who left us because of study reasons, |eGo|Agamendon (formerly known as |eGo|AK-16), |eGo|ItsMe my British friend – I’ll miss you!


For the Clanwars we had click on the link left side!


Members I want to thank:

First of all my friends who I know personally:

|eGo|Alien, |eGo|Rinti, |eGo|killingdog (the rest now, because they’re mentioned above)


Great Thanks Award goes to:

|eGo|ItsMe Most Crazy player is all I can say - killed most people in short time. But next to that you trained my english everytime, and thanks for helping with the Map Editor!, |eGo|Pitbull (I’ll never forget the great living human being dictionary English-German!), |eGo|Ailme (thank you  for all the conversations and the great "Kekse" (Biscuits) experience, and the personal advices! And yes you ARE cute!), the brothers |eGo|Alien and |eGo|Rinti (AND I STILL HATE YOUR MINING!!! AND EAT YOUR FUCKING DOG FOODS (that means Rinti!)), |eGo|Fredu (the CS 1.6 player and Admin), |eGo|Tigereye (I wont forget that I corrected one school homework in german), |eGo|Zombie my favourite member from Switzerland who were all the time able to find the right words in argues!, the siblings |eGo|D@ncer and |eGo|RihanaSun – I’ll say it short: it was great and complicated!, |eGo|Got2B – thanks for all the disgusting and annoying situations, |eGo|C.Doodlez & |eGo|Johnson my friends from North-Germany, thank you - with you we had a great beginning of the |eGo|Clan! Thank you for switching from the |aCc| to |eGo| again! Such a great time on TeamSpeak!  |eGo|Sandra & |eGo|SanLucar thanks for your great help on Clanwars! |eGo|Kubbi I have no idea how to sum it up with few words! I can say great Admin but that wont describe it at all - do you know that I still have your phone number Florian? Saved under "Kubbi"?? |eGo|Max & |eGo|Marci you played a lot to be better - with success - great!! :). |eGo|Starship thank you for the last days of/in Ego! Thank you |eGo|Tob!as for playing with us! (Always late night!!)
And all other great members we had!

I wanted to say thanks to External People:
Such as: |aCc| of [=GCK=] of (JAG) of nowadays only as AXIY!! You trained me, and you let me in |aCc| in. And im still bothered that you never switched to |eGo|!! - Maybe you know me as |aCc|Fish?  R|-Jazzman for annoying me :)  YOUR EGO who played longer than the Ego Clan exists - you were the only one were allowed to wear "Ego" because of this! JOE MOEMMA I STILL HATE YOU **** OF A **** (he hacked our server). [Champ]Rambo Special Thanks! Thanks for hosting our server in the beginning! You had/have such a great clan R|-Dragon I hope you grow up too? GwG|L.Devil still annoying but missing! Thanks also the S|- for their good Servers [PDS]McLarsen great Clan, great Player - and you stole my Nolf Skin!!


I also want to thank the hackers, cheaters and glitch users. I said if the ego-clan will end – I will publish the kicked persons from the server list – but the bad truth is that the server is fucked up and I can’t open the fucking file – so sorry! At least I think there were 300 persons kicked and 25 persons on the banned list.


If you want to add me on Facebook, you can this but please write your Nolfname (if you don't do this, I wont add you!)! (Ailme add me again please!)


And I want to thank YOU! Dont forget us, you can look sometimes on our page if you want!
I dont know if we a come back! See you, Greeetz.

However, when i played last days there is still interest - maybe a restart?



|eGo|Leader Icepick / John

Head and Founder of the Elite Gaming Organization,

February 2012, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.