Here you’ll find our Clanwar + Funmatch results:



[=GCK=] vs |eGo| - 09 April 2006 - 09:29pm - WON [Clanwar]
Result: 400: 329

At First we played HYDRO, the typical Clanwar map. It was very exciting, because both teams (|eGo| and [=GCK=]), hat all the time nearly the same results. Sometimes |eGo|was better, sometimes [=GCK=] was better: |eGo|(Unity): 40 and [=GCK=](Harm): 45 and then few minutes later: |eGo|(Unity): 47 and [=GCK=](Harm): 47. Both Teams were simular good. And [=GCK=] played very good. We both spoke in TS, so every attack was planned. It was a great match, thank you [=GCK=]
At Last we played Oasis, Oasis was very hard for [=GCK=]. Because we used in the beginning only Briefcases, then it stands 130 to 50 ( I think). And then we discussed (and it was a long discussing), about using Briefcases. Then we come to an agreement that we don´t use the briefcases anymore! But then we stand then on the hill and used the Bacalovs and Grenade lauchners, he he. Then it was hard for us. But here in Oasis, they played less good, but it was exciting enaugh!

Here are the Results:




[c9c] vs |eGo| - 14 April 2007 - 08:59pm - WON [Clanwar]
Result: 600:


This was one of the hardest Rounds of the Match, we made pics, and they too! [Pic points were 2]. In the Game the Results had differences only about 10 or 5 points (One time they had 3 points more). In the beginning it seemed that we will loose, but we won. For us was it funny, when [c9c]was in our base, and killed, and everybody thought "There is a[c9c] kill him" we shoot, but there was no [c9c]. Often it takes about 40 seconds unitl we recognized: There is nobody.

2nd) Round - Map: HYDRO

I think this was our best Round of the Match, we had a good performance. My Job was it to keep the Water clean, well when the water was clean i took many pics, i took the first and the last pic . Often I met [c9c]Vahibla [later she left the game].
The Main time we were on their harm towers, but they were sometimes on our towers. And we got the Title "Case noobs".

3rd) Round - Map: CASTLE

Well on this map, some of us were tired. Because of the last round some of us refresh their fighting spirit, and [c9c]of course too. They atacked us more than in Hydro, and it was quite difficult for us, but we won. And that is important.

All in allit was a good fight. It was the first time that no one said "|eGo| Cheaters", a big respect to [c9c]. They also played still good! Thanks for playing!



[PDS] vs |eGo| - 31 July 2009 - 10:00pm - WON [Funmatch]
Result: 276:

It was a hard match, Hydro was very hard - it was very hard to realize that we lost. It was hard because at first we were ahead - okay results were "only" e.g.: 17-20 or 25-22 or 30-26. But then PDS had more points than we, 5 points more...10 points more and then at least in the very last minute 24 points more. PDS WON IN HYDRO

Blizzard Okay I wasnt there but i listened to Kubbi & Alien in teamspeak...and the results were also like in hydro. I also heard that Raven was great sniper, who confused every time my team But we had luck (yes we had luck :rolleyes [PDS]McLarsen left the game suddenly without informing someone, so in the last 5 minutes there were a player ratio of 4 vs 3. We used that chance. EGO WON IN BLIZZARD (with luck)

Oasis We changed the player ratio down to 3 vs 3 because of a missing McLarsen. It was always a little fight on the middle-hill - about the possession of the briefcase. Raven Slash were sniping all the time (and yes I cried loud) One person stay there and the other ones rapes the opponent base. We were ahead all the time, the results: 17-7 or 20-10 BUT also: 25-19, but at least: EGO WON IN OASIS

1] |eGo|ItsMe: 26 + 49 + 37 = 112
2] [PDS]Slash: 30 + 35 + 23 = 88
3] [PDS]Raven: 35 + 27 + 19 = 81
4] |eGo|Dancer: 36 + 11 + 23 = 70
5] |eGo|Icepick: 11 + // + 21 = 32
6] [PDS]Dite: 9 + 11 + 7 = 27
7] |eGo|Kubbi: 10 + 11 + // = 21
8] |eGo|Alien: // + 19 + // = 19
8] [PDS]McLarsen: 19 + // + // = 19

(JAG) vs |eGo| - 17 March 2007 - 09:00pm - |eGo|Won
Result: 203-127
We played only two rounds, since we had to wait quite long until some JAG-Players appeared.
1st) Round - Map: HYDRO


2nd) Round

[Champ] vs |eGo| - 15 Okt 2005 - Funmatch - [Champ]Won
Result: 350- 89
Nobody beats the Champ clan. Unfortunatly we have lost all information about this match: like how many players did really participate? Anyway the result is quite fun!
Map: Hydro

[D.O.A.] vs |eGo| - 16 Nov 2006 - Funmatch - D.O.A. Won
We have lost all information around this match too, unfortunatly we don't know which map we played here.


That were all Matches we had :)

|eGo|Leader Icepick / John

Head and Founder of the Elite Gaming Organization,

February 2012, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.