How to play NOLF Online

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - July 2017

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You have some time? For more background you can read the gey
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Step 2) How to connect to NOLF-Server / Gaming
The "*Djamba" method. (See other methods here)

*Djamba, or "Onkel Dittmeyer" on facebook wrote a small and neat bat file and he makes for everyone available via our Ego Page.
Here you can download the file


Step 4) How to add maps/skins or How to add .rez files
(Portable Version needs updating the game to 1.004)
Adding maps and updating the game (updating only portable verson) works on the same method: Adding REZ files.  Click on Nolf.exe and then on Advanced then on "Customize" and then add the following REZ files:

If you have the compatibilty mode on you may need to follow this step each time when you start nolf, the solution would be to not use the portable edition and install the game from the original CD, the original CD's can be found at &

How to add multiplayer maps: Download the maps from various internetpages and move the .rez files in to the customs folder inside your Nolf main folder. In the portable versions from above you can already see some Ego maps. You add them to game just how you added the "Nolfgoty.rez".

Start the game! After you started the game, you can immediatly exit the game. Now start "NolfServerListDjamba" and do like in step 2 described.

Step 5)
Go back and see if some of the "General Startup Help" applies to you.

Pro & Contra:
++ Servers easy to access
+ No installation needed
Adding maps/skins maps is a bit tricky
- offline server list (Server IP's may change and you may not notice it). Except |eGo|Servers, our servers work with always static hostnames.
- no live statistics at all (like amount of players)
-- new servers need to be reported to me (ego-clan) and everyone needs to download the program again.