How to play NOLF Online

  Posted by |eGo|L.Icepick - July 2017

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You have some time? For more background you can read the gey
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Step 2) How to connect to NOLF-Server / Gaming
The "URA Master Server from SFI-Clan" method. (See other methods here)

URA didn't write any kind of description how to deal with his program. While it's really important to know that
it overwrites the original nolf.exe without asking!

You can download the programm here:  You can find the programm here at

Step 3) Save original NOLF.exe
Make a copy of the original nolf.exe BEFORE installing URA's Multiplayer! Call it like "NOLF-original.exe". Then you can install URAs Multiplayer program.

Step 4) How to add maps/skins "How to add REZ files"
In URA's Multiplayer Programm you don't have the possibilty to add/change maps/skins. You can only add maps/skins if you have still have the original NOLF.exe (which we renamed in step 3 to "nolf-original.exe"!). If you don't have it anymore: read my manual better, and now download the game again!
1) When you install URA's Multiplayer it makes a new "Nolf.exe".
2) This new nolf.exe you rename to "nolf-multiplayer.exe".
3) Then you rename "Nolf-original.exe" to "nolf.exe".
4) (How to add maps/skins: See at step 3 on the page before.)
5) Start the game
6) Exit the game
7) Rename "Nolf.exe" to "nolf-original.exe"
8) Rename "Nolf-multiplayer.exe" to "Nolf.exe"

This renaming procedure is necessary everytime you want to change some of the maps/skins!

Step 5)
Go back and see if some of the "General Startup Help" applies to you. 


Pro & Contra

++ New servers are immediatly shown (after hitting refresh). If someone launches a new server within the past minute (you never know :) then this will be displayed. So URA's Multiplayer works like a Master Server substitute.
+ server list (with only minimum) live statistics. You can only see the players who are online, the current maps and the type of the game. Actually you don't need more, but it would be nice to see for example the startweapon.
- Loading the serverlist can take some time. It may take some 5-15seconds till you have the full server list. According to other sources they had to click 2-3 times till they were able to see all the servers
- Server list is messy: shows offline server which are offline since many years. You can see on the screenshot on top that there are a bunch of old servers. Our |eGo|Servers are somehow on the middle
-- Adding maps/skins is beyond tricky. See above why!