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About us - the |eGo|Clan
Written by |eGo|Icepick - Updated November 2023

The place:
The clan was found by a bunch of friends, we were all in school at that time. We didn't want to join another clan, we wanted to stay together as a group, but be still open to other people who want to join us. All good things are best discussed during school lessons. And best school subject to discuss this is during Chemistry.

The name:
The biggest problem: how do you wanne call yourself? The acronym and the long name must sound cool and impressive. Also what kind of brackets do we ant to use? [ ..] or | ... | or ( ... ) or {...} ? We thought of names like [IMF] = International Metzel Fighters. Despite the name "International" the second word "Metzel" (slaughter) remained German. Not such a smart choice. |MPC| = Mega Power Clan. Nothing with mega in its name sounds good. How about something with NOLF related like ... EPN = Elite Players NOLF. But having an acronym within an acronym? So the long text would be "Elite Players No One Lives Forever". However Elite sounded good. The game is an Ego shooter, so why not |eGo|? Okay ... "Elite ??? Game". How about Organization?

Elite Gaming Organization

was found at 24th October 2005

Founders of the |eGo| Clan were:
|eGo|Stauby left 17th April 2006
|eGo|Schnitzel left 20th December 2005
|eGo|$talk3r left 31th October 2005
|eGo|>Bion< left 10th November 2005

As you can see, we soon lost our founding Members. Other modern games were more interesting. Quite a shame to exit a clan after 7 days, while the clan still exists so so many years later. That´s thanks to the new members who joined soon and some stayed until now. |eGo|Rinti and |eGo|Ailme have been members ever since that time!

Squads & Other Games
Throughout the first two years we also had other squads. We spread out of No One Lives Forever 1 into ET (Enemy Territory), UT2004 (Unreal Tournament 2004), CS.1.6 (Counterstrike). The squad leaders noticed quite fast that it is quite some commitment to hold the members inside a squad together. So those squads were closed two years later. The NOLF2 squad was closed as last, mostly because there were almost no players online.

On 25th March 2006 we got our first game servers. They were later expanded for NOLF2, CS.1.6 and Teamspeak 2 (at later 3), but soon closed again. Since renting a professional server is quite expensive I closed the last NOLF1 server in late 2012. Also: NOLF1 servers require 32-bit architecture, but professional server hosters only offer 64-Bit. So I had to host NOLF1 game servers on my own private computer. That was between 2012 and 2023. Other NOLF servers were hosted either privately or on Linux with emulated Wine under 32-Bit architecture.
Since the community update of NOLF, it can be hosted on 64-Bit again (NOLF is now working on version v1.006). Since 6th October 2023 our NOLF servers are hosted professionally again.

Website updates
During our lifespan we had different websites. The first one was launched at 24th October 2005, second 5th February 2006, third 18th November 2006 (that one was launched with CMS, so users could log in and change content, too). Fourth 2nd December 2006, Fifth 21st February 2007, sixth 29th July 2007. After that it becomes a bit fuzzy. We had for sure a new website in June 2012, and that one stayed until the launch date of our current one: 3rd November 2023. It was not necessary to have a CMS where members could log in and place posts.

Last Surviving Clan in NOLF
We are the last clan that is active in NOLF. No other clan has existed as long as we did, we survived them all! We still play (almost) every week with several people. You can see on top in the statistics bar when we played for the last time, for the bigger list head over to The statistic website

These clans bit the dust (in order of size / importance based on personal estimation). It is possible that I might have overseen one or two clans.
(JAG) - Clan Jaguar
[D.O.A.] Dead on Arrival
=|Fi|= Fairy Intelligence
[Spyder] Spyder Clan
[=GCK=] Giant Clan Killers
[PDS] Please don't Shoot
HC-| Hydro Culture
[BoS] - Brotherhood of Steel
|SaD| Search and Destroy
[GG] Gomez's Goons
-BR- Brethren of the Roast
=|OD|= Organisation of Death
[PiP] Pytt i Panna
[IRON] Team Iron
$TFL$ Terminators for Life
ED Elemental Defence
[EF] - Elite Force

|eGo| will remain, NOLF will remain!