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Serverinfo & Serverrules
Written by |eGo|Icepick - Updated December 2023

We have 3 game servers running 24h every day. If needed, we can host up to a total of 10, but who needs ten?

#1 Deathmatch Server, a mix of original & custom maps - v1.006
#2 Harm vs Unity Server, only original maps - v1.006
#3 Deathmatch Server, a mix of original & custom maps, running on low health mod - v1.006
Click here to see all servers that are up and running (including current map & players)

Server rules
You want to play on our servers? These are the rules to follow. Violaters will be warned, upon repetition kicked out of the server, upon continous repetition also banned. We run our servers since 2006 and have 300 people on the kicked list and 25 on the banned list. If you're banned and you think it was unreasonable you can join the discord channel of discord and make your plea there!

  • No cheating (including, but not only: speedhack, wallhack, aimbots)
  • No spamming allowed. Avoid Capslock, nobody likes people screaming with capital letters.
  • No use of map exploits (such as, but not only, walking on mountains like on Blizzard, Oasis, Hydro, walking behind walls like on Hydro)
  • Flying with the motorbike on Hydro is allowed - Good luck pulling this off while playing!
  • Long-term camping is not allowed
  • Chatkill is allowed. Find a more hidden spot on the map, and chat there. If you find someone in a hidden spot: avoid chatkilling!
  • Usage of all weapons is allowed. Weapons like mines or briefcase are available to everyone, however try to use different weapons to broaden your skillset with other weapons.
  • Taking excessively pictures of the suitcase/intel of HARM or Unity bases is allowed.
  • Insults are forbidden. Except the ingame taunts like "Hooligans" or "Derelicts", activated by the F4-F7 buttons, are allowed.
  • Hate speech is forbidden.
  • Freedom of speech with few limitations: expressing political opinions is allowed, but only as long as it doesn't hurt/defame someone.
  • Impersonating someone else is forbidden

Server Admins:
- |eGo|L.Icepick
- |eGo|Starship
- |eGo|Homeknopf

Falkenstein, Germany (🇩🇪, Europe)  (Google Maps)
Helsinki, Finland (🇫🇮, Europe)
The servers are hosted at Hetzner. A company that builds their own datacenters, their own servers and their own connection to the outside world. On the right site you see a photo of the datacentre in Falkenstein, somewhere in one of those red buildings is our server. The main server is in Falkenstein, and the backup server is in Helsinki. Whenever the mainserver has any issue we can directly continue on the backup server in Helsinki. The hardware & connection of both servers are identical.

Hardware & Connection:
  • Type: Dedicated Server, no virtualisation
  • CPU: Intel i7-8700 with 6 cores on 3,2Ghz.
  • Memory: Micron 64 GB DDR4 RAM (4 x 16GB),
  • Space: Samsung 2x 1 TB SSD m2.NVMe in RAID.
  • Connection: 1000 Mbit/s (125 MB/s), no traffic limit.
  • Real speed to: Kaiserslautern (Germany) 920 Mbit/s (115 MB/s) download and 944 Mbit/s (118 MB/s) Upload.
  • Real speed to: Ashburn (VA, USA) 945 Mbit/s (118,13 MB/s) download and 944 Mbit/s (118 MB/s) Upload. (see screenshots below)
Nolf needs at it's max with 16 people online 0,335 megabyte per second.
So NOLF takes like 0,28% of the max bandwidth of the server!!! NOLF on idle (no players) takes 3% of the CPU power (see screenshot below). On paper: impossible to experience lag! Why two servers you may ask? Well I don't rent two - fromt the point of view of nolf - overly specced servers only for nolf. I need it for my work, it just happens that there are still plenty and plenty of resources left for nolf. Since my work requires a server that is always online and fully functional, I need a second one to ensure that its always available. Yes, I'm the sole owner of those two servers, and yes I have to pay fully for both of them. Despite of the high monthly costs, a membership in the Ego clan is free of charge!

In case you want to host your own server, these are real measured speeds:

Nolf Server requirements tested in real world conditions   normal game (10ppl) Map-change
normal game (12ppl) map-change (12ppl) normal game (16ppl) map-change (16ppl) MB from RAM
down 3-8
10-15 KB/s  35
49 MB
up 60-80 KB/s 80-100
100-120 KB/s 120-140 KB/s 190-245